IN RESPONSE TO MORE OPPORTUNITIES TO HAVE BURNOUTS; Following continued requests to run a dedicated Burnouts only day at Wilby Park, we will be giving Burnouts enthusiasts the chance to "Blow their Treads" during our Speedway events, 8 days in all (usually the 3rd Sunday of each month, October through to May. Please check dates). Gate entry is $12, plus Pad entry $10 (Must be 18). No prizes on the day, just demonstrations for an hour at the middle of the day, and some bonus time at the end of the day perhaps. Show us we need to dedicate a whole Day?
Where is Wilby?

Yes, it is on the Victorian map: South of Yarrawonga and in between Tungamah and Peechelba. Wilby Park is 12 km east of Tungamah, and is on the Peechelba Road. The entrance to our track is via Cemetery Road, which is on the right just before you reach the Wilby Township. There is a large speedway sign on the left a few meters from the Cemetery Road turnoff.

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Where is Wilby?
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Phone 0487 436731

For those don't already know, Wilby Park Motorsports Club Inc. is a Not for Profit organisation completely ran by Volunteers who spend time doing what they can to ensure Wilby Park continues to grow and improve all the time. Every single dollar made at Wilby Park goes directly back into runnig and improving the facilities. Over the last 10 years the Drag strip has been relaid, the P.A. system has been replaced, the cable catch fence has been renewed, all 6 foot high mesh fencing has been replaced, new computers now relay the Drag time data from the Control office to the Pit office and to the Commentator,the Burnout pad size has been increased 78%, and now, a highlight, the Speedway track has been relaid after major flooding destroyed it. Next on the list after much input from competitors, is to seal the return track from the end of the Drags strip run off to the Race track sweeper, and the entry/exit track from the hairpin to the Pits. Then it is time to update to a brand new Drag Racing system from timers to drag tree lights.

ACCOMODATION: TUNGAMAH HOTEL OPEN Monday to Saturday 12pm 'til 9pm, Sunday 12pm to 10.30pm. Rooms from $40.00 per person per night with Continental Breakfast. $5.00 Deposit with every key. Off street parking for 8 cars plus parking for trailers. Meals are available Thursday Night/Friday Night/Saturday Dinner/Sunday Lunch.
P & H Chisnall Ph:57485502